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Manipal University Online MBA Program - Fees, Admission 2023, Review

A 2-year postgraduate professional degree program, the online MBA (Masters of Business Administration) at Manipal Online University is split into 4 distinct semesters. In order to implement both theoretical and practical knowledge, the online Manipal MBA program strives to provide a foundation study of management along with a thorough comprehension of business sense, administrative abilities, and marketing capability. Manipal University Online MBA Program makes sure to enhance the qualities and personality needed to make your self stand in this developing world.

What is an Online MBA Program?

Millions of students enroll each year in Online MBA Programs to advance their knowledge in a variety of fields, including management, finance, administration, and many more. The managerial level of jobs at higher positions in various organizations will be acquired by students. Students can confirm their seats in the online MBA course by taking the reputable entrance exam offered by the university.

The online MBA program will provide you with the skills necessary to lead successfully in today's rapidly evolving global environment. You can select an MBA concentration from a broad selection of modern electives that help you develop skills that are relevant to the market. The online MBA program's coursework is designed in a way that encourages the development of your abilities, creativity, and critical thinking.

Manipal Online MBA Highlights

  • The online Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs that have been made available to students are created in a way that will help them acquire the knowledge and abilities necessary to succeed in the MBA's specialized fields of marketing, administration, and sales, among others.
  • Updated curricula, cutting-edge technology, and teaching strategies that magnify the development of your knowledge and skill set will all be used to deliver the education.
  • Your analytical and critical thinking skills are introduced to you as part of the online MBA pedagogy.
  • Either live or recorded lectures are available to students. The ability to log into your phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop allows students to attend their particular course classes on their own schedule.
  • Only the LMS may be used to distribute all study materials, assignment themes, etc. to students.

Importantly Manipal University Online offers MBA for International candidates. So they tend to keep different eligibility criteria for inter-country and International applicants. So, now let us see the two eligibility or admission criteria for Manipal University Online MBA.

Best Thing about Manipal University Online MBA

  • Students are trained and educated with the proficiency to take on larger tasks in the future, and the entire course is tailored to match their work experience. They boost analytical skills and offer a wealth of knowledge in the management field.
  • So that the student has no issues even when working in a global context, vast knowledge of essential management abilities is provided. Additionally, the study materials are regularly updated to ensure that students keep up with full-time students and do not fall behind.
  • After lengthy discussions with market specialists, the faculty has settled on the course's whole syllabus in order to cover all of the crucial market areas. This university also offers an app with a variety of fascinating videos and study resources to promote self-learning whenever and whenever.
  • Many aspiring working professionals are very eager to enroll in this course and further their education by doing so. They offer enormous scholarships to all eligible applicants and promote the advancement of quality education in a variety of ways.
  • A professional with a Master's degree earned while still employed, especially from a reputable institution, has a better chance of landing the best jobs and a successful career. The young students who complete this course begin at higher positions right away, gaining experience that will help them land jobs in better firms.

Manipal University Online MBA Education mode

  • At Manipal Online University, only English is used as the medium of instruction for all lectures, projects, assignments, and other research work.
  • All programs are available online.
  • An LMS is used for teaching and assignment submission; enrollment credentials will be given at the time of admission.
  • Additionally, students have access to reading materials, exams, guest sessions, live webinars, doubt lectures, and much more.
  • Students must receive a minimum of 40% of the possible points on their semester or final exams.

Manipal Online MBA Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidates must hold a 10+2+3-year bachelor's degree from an accredited university or other institution, or an equivalent certification recognized by the AIU (Association of Indian Universities).
  • Candidates must have graduated with a minimum cumulative GPA of 50%.
  • A minimum percentage of 45% overall in their graduation is required for candidates who fall within the designated categories.
  • To be admitted to the MBA program, candidates must pass the online aptitude test administered by Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) at a period designated by the admissions committee.
  • An applicant must take the aforementioned test even if they have a passing score (40 percentile) on any of the aptitude tests mentioned above (CAT/MAT/CMAT/XAT/GMAT).

Eligibility criteria for Online MBA at Manipal Online (International Candidates)

  • Students with foreign education must have their graduate degree certificate of equivalence from the AIU-approved universities in order to apply to any university in India.
  • Students and professionals with NRE or PIO status who live outside of India and who are not Indian citizens are referred to as "International Students" and are only permitted to enroll in MUJ's online degree program for all UG and PG courses.
  • All students and professionals will be charged an international price for the degree they choose, and they may be required to submit papers as part of the application process, including but not limited to a CV, address proof, valid VISA, PR card, and a copy of their passport.

Admission Procedure of Manipal University Online MBA

In the following paragraph, we will be seeing the important pieces of information a candidate must know before enrolling in any courses or college. They are the application Procedure, Selection Criteria, and most importantly, the documents required.
Now let us see the Application process in steps and get admission to Manipal University Online MBA Program

  • To apply online, Applicants who are interested in being considered for admission to Manipal Online University must do so.
  • Candidates must upload all necessary documents and submit all necessary information, including personal and academic information, ID proofs, and eligibility information.
  • A registration fee of Rs. 500 is needed for all applicants to be submitted online. The first-semester cost will be reduced by these paid fees.

Selection Criteria of Manipal University Online MBA

So, basically, all universities have different admission and selection criteria for their Professional courses, like Master of Business Administration (MBA). now come and see the Selection criteria for Manipal University Online MBA.

  • After completing an application for the particular degree they have chosen, candidates will receive notification from Manipal Online University within five business days of their admission.
  • Students will be contacted for each application filed for an online degree program, and if more clarification is needed, the candidate will be informed via email, SMS, or even a phone call.

Documents Needed to get admission at Manipal University Online MBA

  • Identity documents include an Adhar card, a passport, a voter ID card, a PAN card with a current photo, and any other government-issued identification document.
  • Address proofs include an Aadhar card, a passport, a voter ID card, a gas bill, a bank statement, and a postpaid mobile statement.
  • Marksheet for Class 10 and Class 12
  • Marksheet for Graduation (for MBA, MCA, M.Com, MA JMC)
  • Certificate of work-related experience and a valid CAT, GMAT, or MAT score for an MBA program
  • certificate of graduation
  • Scholarship Certificate for the Reserved Category of the Divyaang Scholarship Defense Service Certificate
Specializations of Manipal University Online MBA

The online MBA program at Manipal Online University will provide you with the necessary skills to lead successfully in the rapidly changing modern world. To learn a new set of abilities, you can select from a variety of MBA specializations in elective MBA courses. The following MBA elective courses are available from Manipal Online University.

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • HRM
  • Analytics & Data Science
  • Retail Management
  • BFSI
  • IT & FinTech
  • Operations Management

Some pieces of information about specializations provided by Manipal University Online MBA

  • Finance- Any business needs finance to operate. Your career will benefit from a Master's degree in Business Administration with Finance as an elective since it will help you break into the finance industry and increase your earning potential.
  • HRM- Your career can benefit from a Master's in Business Administration with Human Resource Management as an elective, both in terms of your earning potential and your ability to enter HR roles.
  • Analytics & Data Science- In the digital age, analytics and data science have become some of the most sought-after fields. Your career will benefit from a Master's degree in Business Administration with Analytics & Data Science as an elective since it will allow you to enter the analytics and data science field and increase your earning potential.
  • Retail Management- The retail industry has grown steadily and continuously as consumerism has increased globally. Retail management professionals with the necessary skill set to compete in the dynamic market will be produced through master's programs in business administration that offer retail management as an option.
  • BFSI- Banking, financial services, and insurance online MBA. Did you know that the world's largest source of employment is the banking, financial services, and insurance industry? You can develop the necessary skill sets for the industry and advance your career with a Master's in Business Administration with BFSI as an optional.
  • Marketing- A Master of Business Administration degree with marketing as an option will help you advance your career by opening doors to executive and managerial positions and increasing your earning potential. An MBA with marketing electives can help you build the necessary skill sets to enable you to land profitable roles, regardless of whether your professional goals are in brand management, media, and entertainment, advertising, business development, or sales.
  • IT & FinTech- The Master of Business Administration degree with IT & FinTech as an elective is intended for professionals who want to work in managerial positions in the information technology or financial technology sectors. It will give students the required career boost, increasing their earning potential and allowing them to enter this rapidly changing industry.
  • Operations Management- A crucial area that affects many different companies and sectors is operations management. Students will benefit from a career boost by completing a Master's in Business Administration with Operations Management as an elective. This will allow them to enter careers in operations management and increase their earning potential.

Manipal University Online MBA Fee Structure

Basically, Manipal University Online is charging a reasonable amount of fees for a course duration of 2 years. The university is keen to provide an exceptional quality of education in an approachable fee structure. Importantly. The fee for all their different specializations is the same. The university is offering its Online MBA program with a fee structure of INR 1,50,000/ 2 years. This particular amount is inclusive of the examination fee and other charges. To explain more this amount is further divided into INR 37,500 per semester. This amount includes INR 5000 of the Examination fee.

Is Manipal University Online Valid

Yes, the Online Manipal MBA degree is recognized by all departments, government agencies, business organizations, and students who wish to pursue higher education in India or abroad. The UGC, AICTE, or other educational council committees have properly signed off on or accepted the MBA degree.

Edunxt Portal of Manipal University Online
  • With the help of the EduNxt system, a virtual classroom is established where students can learn from top academics around the globe as well as from one another.
  • It is a brand-new technology that was only released in 2009, and this university has embraced it to provide online learning for all applicants who have chosen a distance learning degree.
  • With the help of this technology, students can interact more, ask more questions, and learn more effectively by connecting more widely.
  • The Manipal University Online community today feels more connected to one another and strives to learn more and do more.
Recruitment opportunities by Manipal Online MBA
  • Every student's life needs to have a placement drive. The major goal of the placement cell is to offer the finest employment possibilities to its students in the fields of marketing, sales, HR, finance, and other related fields.
  • The personality development workshops, sessions, training, and other programs are organized by the online institutions' placement cells.
  • These courses are specifically created to prepare students for dealing with a variety of events that can be helpful to them in the profession.
  • To work confidently in any situation, soft skills are crucial. Training in soft skills covers a variety of topics, such as logical thinking, reasoning, cognitive skills, and communication.

Let’s now wind up the blog. We hope that the readers of this blog will be highly benefited as we have provided some important pieces of information in one place. Hope you got all the points and we cleared your doubts regarding Manipal University Online MBA. their Online MBA program is highly accepted globally. And the university is aware of the fact that providing a professional course is not easy and providing them with the help of an online portal can sure give ease of access to education for the learners and applicants. Happy Learning.


Ques. Is there a hiring push at Manipal Online University?
Yes, Manipal Online University offers its students placement support. The placement program at MUJ assists students in bridging the gap between the effect of various businesses and employment prospects.

Ques. How long will the MBA program at Manipal Online University last in total?
The Manipal Online University's MBA program has a 2-year minimum requirement but can be completed in as many as 4-years.

Ques. What type of exam is administered at Manipal Online University?
Manipal Online University exclusively offers online examination and submission options.

Ques. What is the fee structure of an Online MBA at Manipal Online?
The university is offering its Online MBA program with a fee structure of INR 1,50,000/ 2 years. This particular amount is inclusive of the examination fee and other charges. To explain more this amount is further divided into INR 37,500 per semester. This amount includes INR 5000 of the Examination fee.

Ques. What are the Eligibility Criteria for an Online MBA at Manipal University Online?
All students who have earned a Bachelor's degree from a recognized university with a minimum GPA of 50% are eligible for admission to an MBA program. Students who earned their bachelor's degree from Manipal University but have less than a 50 percent grade point average may also apply.

Ques. Is an Online MBA really worth pursuing?
Given that it has UGC and NAAC accreditation, Manipal University Jaipur's online MBA program is a well-known and wise choice. The online MBA program is straightforward to apply to and is readily available. As a result, you will receive an MBA degree that is comparable to one from a typical postgraduate institution.

Ques. How much the Manipal University Online is accepted Globally?
Before deciding to pursue online education in India, students and their guardians must give the matter careful attention. Indians place a high priority on education because they believe that it is the only path to a fulfilling life. Online education may be a great option for students for a number of reasons, but perhaps the most significant of all is that they can acquire a degree from any location. A range of online degree programs is offered by Manipal University Jaipur to young people in India through the Online Manipal site. Your future educational and professional objectives depend on you being able to determine which of these is a good fit for you.

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