Birla Institute Of Technology And Science (Bits) Pilani Distance Education

Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), one of India's top universities for science and technology, offers distance learning programmes through BITS Pilani. It was founded in 1929, and in 1964 it was designated as a university. It belongs to UGC, WACE, AIU, PCI, NAAC, and ACU. Off-campus Work Integrated Learning Programmes are the name of this institution's distance learning courses (WILP).

The BITS began offering distance learning courses in 1979. By incorporating the most recent updates and teaching and learning methods into the course content, BITS Pilani is improving the quality of education. BITS Pilani bases its admission decisions entirely on merit, making it impartial toward all applicants. The BITS Pilani programmes are only open to eligible candidates who have a strong will to work hard and adapt to the new learning style.

There are currently more than 4000 students attending the university. The BITSAT is an admission exam for undergraduate programmes that BITS has also introduced. For students seeking admission to BITS Pilani through the BITSAT test, BITSAT is an distance test. Professionals from various industries can participate in these programmes and learn about them while earning a BITS certification.

The BITSAT test covers math, physics, and chemistry, and has a separate portion for reasoning and English. There are currently more than 4,000 students from around the nation enrolled, 400 faculty members, and a sizable number of non-teaching staff members. Additionally, Bits has recorded 100% placement.

Most of the leading firms hire BITS Pilani distance learning Alumni, and they prefer both domestic and international placements. On the NIRF 2018, Bits Pilani is in position 19. The National Institutional Ranking Framework, or NIRF, has been approved for launch by the MHRD and the Honorable Minister for Human Resources. In today's Blog, we'll write about BITS Pilani Distance Education Courses & how you can take admission into those distance education courses offered by BITS.

The Best of BITS Pilani's Distance Learning

  • It received an "A" rating and a CGPA of 3.45 during its 2016 accreditation by the National Assessment & Accreditation Council (NAAC).
  • All-Indian institute for higher education, the Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS). BITS is located in Rajasthan's Pilani district.
  • The Birla Institute of Technology & Science Admission Test (BITSAT) admission exam for undergraduate programmes was also introduced by Bits.
  • For students seeking admission to Bits Pilani via the BITSAT test, the BITSAT is an distance test. The BITSAT test covers math, physics, and chemistry, and has a separate portion for reasoning and English.
  • According to the 2018 National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF), Bits Pilani is ranked 19th overall.
  • Additionally, Bits has reported a 100% placement rate for the students, which is an admirable outcome for any university.
  • Deceased Mr GD Birla The late GD Birla had the vision to offer the highest calibre of technical education and had the desire to founding an institute dedicated to it.
  • There are currently more than 4,000 students from around the nation enrolled, 400 faculty members, and a sizable number of non-teaching staff members. Additionally, Bits have recorded 100% placement.

BITS Pilani Distance Courses

Distance Courses Degree Duration Eligibility
UG 3 Years 10+2/10+3 Passed
BCA UG 3 Years 10+2/10+3 Passed
PG 2 Years Graduation
PG 2 Years Graduation


BITS Pilani University Admission

One must meet the requirements of the BITS Pilani University Distance Education admissions process and have a strong academic record in order to enroll in any of Bits Pilani's many UG and PG programs. The applicant will need to complete the registration process and then fill out the application form accurately.
The application process is neither a piece of the pie nor particularly challenging for the applicants. If we know a little bit about the application, we can breeze through this application phase. Candidates experience insecurity and tension throughout this stage of the application process because even the smallest errors could endanger their careers. Most applicants wonder about "how to apply for entries" when submitting their applications. There is currently no need to worry about this since I have created the most simple and fundamental technique, which consists of the stages listed below in the post, to help candidates with the application process:

  • On the university website, you may find the distance application form for these programs.
  • You will be put on a shortlist for admission to these programs if you are a qualified applicant for the course.
  • It would be your turn to receive the registration card.
  • For updates on admittance to these programs, see the website.
  • The deadline for submitting the form was June 17 of this year, but that date has since gone.
  • You can pay the fees online, with a credit card, or with a demand draught. Rs. 1500 was the cost.
  • Remember to include the necessary paperwork with the form, and make sure it is entirely filled out because a little error could cause it to be rejected.

Courses Offered by SGVU

Under-Graduate Degree Courses
Post-Graduate Degree Courses

BITS Pilani University Eligibility Criteria

Candidates must meet the qualifying requirements imposed by the institute in order to be admitted to the distance degree programs offered by BITS Pilani.

Eligibility requirements for BITS Pilani's distance UG programs:

  • Candidates must be working professionals with a Technical Diploma or a B.Sc. in pertinent subjects, a minimum overall grade point average of 60%, and at least two years of relevant work experience.
  • Professionals with operations and maintenance expertise are eligible, including those in the food, pharmaceutical, petroleum & petrochemical, specialty chemical, mineral processing, and bioprocess industries.
  • Distance courses are also available for highly motivated and ambitious engineers who want to learn more about Core Engineering, Manufacturing, and Executive Management functions or for seasoned professionals who want to develop a general competency in the hot technology areas that will set them apart from the competition.

Eligibility requirements for BITS Pilani's distance PG programs:

  • Candidates must be working professionals with a BE, M.Sc., MCA, or a degree in a related field of study with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 60% and at least one year of relevant work experience.
  • Candidates must be highly motivated and ambitious engineers and managers with experience in networked embedded systems, cloud deployment, infrastructure management, and data center operations.
  • Applications for postgraduate distance courses at BITS Pilani are also accepted from IT professionals in technical professions such as Systems Engineers, Software Developers, DevOps Engineers, Network Administrators, Test Engineers, Cloud Services Engineers, Architects, and others.
  • Consideration for postgraduate distance courses at BITS Pilani should be given to employed professionals who have a bachelor's degree, such as a B.Sc., B.Com., or B.CA, with at least 60% marks, who have taken any one course in mathematics or statistics at the high school or higher level, and who have at least two years of relevant work experience.
  • Additionally, BITS Pilani offers distance education options.

BITS Pilani University Fee Structure

The cost of BITS Pilani's distance degree programs is Rs 57,750 per semester, plus Rs 1,500 for the application and Rs 16,500 for admission. The cost of admission is Rs 74,250 for a candidate. Through the BITS Pilani distance Application Center, they can make payments using Net Banking, a debit card, or a credit card.

BITS Pilani University Scholarship

  • Children of any police officers in any state or territory
  • Private or public, all doctors' children have them.
  • The offspring of medical personnel
  • Youngsters exposed to media
  • Parents of paramilitary personnel's children
  • Children of sanitation personnel, municipal officials, or housekeeping personnel.

BITS Pilani University Distance MBA

A two-year professional degree program leads to an MBA. The BITS Pilani university distance MBA program was established by BITS Pilani to prepare students for the demands of the contemporary professional world by teaching them management subjects based on practical skills.
Business communication, spreadsheet communication, managerial economics, programming analytics, marketing management, corporate finance, and other topic studies are developed as part of the management degree curriculum of the MBA.

Fee Structure for BITS Distance MBA

The BITS Distance MBA application cost must be paid just once while submitting the online application. When a student is chosen for admission to the desired course, the Admission fee and semester fees must be paid all at once.
The cost of the first semester of the MBA program is INR 1,59,000. Additional costs include food, energy, the hostel, and a one-time INR 70,000 entrance fee.
Only online payment options like credit cards, debit cards, and net banking are accepted.

MBA Eligibility at BITS Pilani

  • Candidates must obtain a BPharma/BE/MCA/BTech or another related degree with a minimum cumulative score of 60%.
  • The candidate must have earned at least a 60 percent grade in math or statistics in the 12th grade in order to qualify.
  • It is necessary to be familiar with one programming language.
  • Participation in the Business Analytics Aptitude Test is essential (BAAT). Every year, the university administers the test.
  • You can apply to the BITS Pilani MBA degree program with the CAT/GMAT and prior work experience as well.

BITS Pilani University B.Tech

BITS Pilani offers a Bachelor of Technology, or BTech, undergraduate degree program. The program lasts four years and is taught over the course of eight semesters. Engineering materials, engineering design, mechanical technology, materials management, and other topics are all included in BITS Pilani's bachelor of technology and engineering degree.
Students who have been accepted into the BITS BTech program have access to computational tools like Flownex, MultiSim, Afdex, Labview, Zcaspro, and Fluid Mechanics. The cost of the BTech degree program is INR 60,500 each semester. To finish the program, students must continue paying the course semester cost for a minimum of eight semesters.

BITS Pilani Eligibility Criteria

  • Either a BSC in any relevant stream or field with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 60 percent is required for admission to the BITS Pilani BTech four-year degree program.
  • Candidates with a diploma must have a minimum of two years of work experience in the relevant fields.

BITS Pilani University M.Tech

A two-year pg degree program leads to a master of technology or MTech. The stream of engineering and technology is an advanced course. Numerous MTech specializations are recommended for students by BITS Pilani.
The four-semester curriculum costs INR 60,500 per semester for courses in software engineering, thermal engineering, electrical engineering, and VLSI system design, among other topics.

Eligibility criteria for M.Tech

If a candidate wants to enroll in a Master of Technology degree at one of the best universities, they must meet the criteria outlined below:

  • Candidates must have received their BE or BTech in the relevant field from an institution with accreditation.
  • Candidates who have finished a 5-year master's program in applied science are also eligible to apply for the MTech course.

BITS Pilani Placement

Large and well-known, Bits Pilani is an institution. Students from Bits Pilani are hired by a lot of businesses. The top students in the field are always provided by Bits. Students from bits University are hired by prestigious companies. In order for students to be selected for an interview, the placement cell is crucial in helping them develop both soft and hard abilities.
Teamwork amongst placement cells helps students improve their interview skills and communication abilities. To instruct students in many facets of finding a career, they hold a number of seminars and workshops.

Job Type: Laboratory Assistant,Research Assistant,Senior Sales Executive,Business Analyst,Chemical Engineer Senior,Chemical Process Engineer,Software Developer,Maintenance Engineer,Nuclear Engineer,Mechanical Engineer,CAD Technician,Automotive Engineer

Top Companies: Google,Amazon,Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC),Morgan Stanley,Tata Consultancy Services (TCS),Wipro,Infosys,Microsoft Corporation,Goldman Sachs,

BITS Pilani Rewards

The BITS Pilani are ranked as one of the best universities in all of India. BITS Pilani is among the top-ranked non-government universities in India and has just been designated by the MHRD as an Institute of Eminence. It is also listed in other reputable rankings, including the QS BRICS (2019), QS Asia (2020), and QS India (2020).

BITS Pilani University Campus

BITS' campus The Pilani campus of the Pilani Birla Institute of Technology and Science is stretched across 328 acres of land and is surrounded by vegetation. For both students and staff, it offers all the amenities available on campus that they might possibly need.
Boys' and girls' dorms are located in separate buildings on campus, both of which have playgrounds. It has about 5000 students and more than 450 knowledgeable and professional instructors. On campus, there are about 50 classrooms and 1 sports field.
There is a library with all the necessary books and study materials for the pupils. For all the extracurricular and cultural activities, it also features an auditorium. Sanitary food is always available at the canteen. Additionally offered are computer labs.

BITS Pilani Review & Ranking

BITS One of India's best colleges is Pilani. It has been ranked second among the top distance learning institutions in terms of online learning, information, and courses, and third in terms of course material. Additionally, the committee names BITS as the finest university to recommend.


Ques. What online programs does BITS Pilani offer?
BITS Pilani provides online courses for its B.Tech, M.Tech, M.Sc., MBA, Postgraduate Diploma, and Postgraduate Certificate programs.

Ques. Is Bits a good University?
Birla Institute of Technology & Science offers some of the top technological and scientific programs, thus yes, it is a good university.

Ques. Is Bits Pilani accredited by the NAAC?
Yes, Bits Pilani has received NAAC accreditation with an "A" rating and a CGPA of 3.45.

Ques. Has BITSAT 2020 been postponed?
No, BITSAT 2020 has not been postponed owing to the COVID-19 outbreak; it has only been delayed. The new date will shortly be made public.

Ques. Are JEE scores accepted by Bits?
No, Bits Pilani does not accept JEE results for admission. You must take the BITSAT entrance test.

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